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Hero's Journey is a pen-and-paper roleplaying game about heroes.

The first heroes were those of the long-ago myths of ancient peoples, who told epic tales of gods and monsters, of cosmic warriors and universal horrors that clashed in mighty conflict and shaped the world with their struggles. All over the world, the story of the hero who goes forth to become a legend has been told and retold for millennia; they are magicians who bend the fabric of reality, soldiers who overcome impossible enemies, leaders who build nations from the dust of their homelands and oracles who speak with the voices of destiny itself.

In Hero's Journey, you will play as one of these heroes, undertaking dangerous quests, untangling fathomless riddles and embarking on travels that take you to the edge of the universe and back again. You will adventure in a world exactly like your own in every way - except that the ancient religions never died, and the gods, and other less savory creatures, still walk the world of humanity. As one of the God-Touched, you will wield their cosmic powers to change the course of history and decide your own fate.

Hero's Journey is designed around the ideas of universal storytelling and mythology - tales that are told and retold by cultures all over the world. Your hero invests in various Aspects of heroism that represent the kinds of roles that mythic heroes take on in their epic stories, choosing whether to become a shining example of a Creator, Hunter, Leader, Lover, Sage, Trickster or Warrior (or perhaps several of them at once) in their adventures. These Aspects grant heroes the unique ability to choose what kinds of stories they want to tell as their primary focus, and makes character creation and development as easy as knowing what things you want your character to do in the future.

Aspects are complemented by Domains, areas of cosmic power available only to the gods and those heroes lucky enough to have been touched by them. Domains contain Spheres, sets of individual magical powers over specific areas of the universe, and investing in them allows heroes to become masters of flame, wielders of the powers of the sun, or the judges who choose between life and death for those around them.

Advancement through the Aspects is handled by the Web of Fate, a giant interconnected network of talents and skills both mundane and magical, all of which heroes may gain access to over the course of play. The Web of Fate allows players to invest in certain skillsets, becoming adept experts in them, or to branch out and explore other ideas and possibilities if they wish - literally anything on the Web of Fate is available to all characters if they choose to pursue it.

The world of Hero's Journey is one much like our own, but monotheism has never risen to prominence, and instead the ancient polytheistic religions of the world's many cultures are still thriving and popular around the globe. Lofty temples, beautiful religious statues and sacred pilgrimages are commonplace in all countries and for many different faiths, and in the great melting pots of major cities, shrines to ancient gods of wildly different cultures rub elbows and share their practices.

Heroes are chosen by the gods of these religions to be their representatives on earth, sent on mythic missions and quests on their behalf or set improbable tasks to prove their worth and bring glory to their people. If they do their job well, they become the stuff of legend, steadily gaining in power and becoming more and more famous (or infamous) around the world; and, if they become great enough forces, they may eventually ascend to become gods themselves, and remake the world and its religion in their own image.

Every mythology of the world has its heroes, and the time has come for another cycle of legendary tales to begin. It is time for a new Age of Heroes!

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This is information about the different pantheons of Hero's Journey!

Information about the Gods of Greece is coming soon!

Information about the Gods of Egypt is coming soon!

Information about the Gods of India is coming soon!

Information about the Gods of Scandinavia is coming soon!

  • John

    Head Designer/ Systems Editor

    John is a career gamer and systems tinkerer who has been running and tweaking systems since the late 1980s. In addition to extensive tabletop experience, he is also an avid board, card and video gamer, all of which provides him with a breadth of different mechanical viewpoints and possibilities to draw from. He produces and runs multiple campaigns, both in person and online, for Hero's Journey on a weekly basis in addition to his systems and writing duties.

    John has a Bachelors degree in Comparative Religion and Philosophy, with additional training in theatre and music, and spends most of his time actively researching to add to his understanding of world mythology and drinking dangerously toxic levels of caffeine to avoid ever losing work time by sleeping.

  • Anne

    Head Writer / Creative Director

    Anne is originally from Iowa City, Iowa, where she became involved in the gaming and geek community at a young age. She is a prolific writer as well as a career gamer with experience on both sides of the table, and has previously worked with various game companies on a freelance basis, including Onyx Path and Biblioteque Interdite, as well as producing high-quality fan supplements and fiction for various games across the years.

    Anne graduated from Greensboro College in North Carolina with a Bachelors degree in Music, specializing in historical ethnomusicology, the study of music in different cultures around the globe, and is currently finishing her Masters degree in Library and Information Science.

  • Alex

    Art Director

    Alex is a graphic designer and animator who works in the Toronto film industry with various film credits to his name, including work on Nikita and the upcoming ABC drama Agatha, as well as several feature films. He coordinates and directs the art team for Hero's Journey as well as providing image design and editing expertise for all projects.

    Alex lives in Toronto with his wife and three cats, and enjoys folk rock, spiced rum, and insisting that he is definitely not a hipster.

  • Royce

    Graphic Design / Layout Artist

    Royce works in the design industry in Toronto, Ontario, where he designs professional documents, provides editing expertise and makes sense of engineering and software gibberish on a daily basis. He provides layout and design mastery for Hero's Journey PDFs and books, as well as contributing to content as an editor and proofreader.

    In addition to tabletop games, Royce also enjoys dubstep, beer, and insisting that Alex is secretly a hipster.

  • Sam


    Born and raised in Perterborough, I moved out to the big city after high school to live with my sister to study animation and illustration at Seneca. During my time at Seneca, I have helped make an animated short which was accepted into TAAFI, and Flash games such as Ikea Money and Stay Mayor games and art for Facebook slot machine games for Game House. I also rocked the Seneca Varsity by competing at CCAA for cross-country two years in a row, ending my varsity career by being inducted into the Seneca Hall of Fame. I am currently working as a freelance illustrator and going through training for coaching.

  • Steph

    Animator, Illustrator

    I'm originally from Peterborough Ontario but have moved to Toronto for bigger and better things. I've worked on a couple Toronto famous games called Ikea Monkey with Flash as well as Stay Mayor. I'm currently a junior animator. I got an advanced diploma at Seneca College where I got a wonderful opportunity to animate on an Annecy Crystal winning film Subconcious Password. I later went back to Seneca to learn more about traditional media, colour, and composition by taking their Independent Illustration program. Now I'm finished with school and in the working world of Animation and Illustration!

  • Jess

    Lead Editor

    Jess is a longtime player, reader and playtester of various roleplaying games, most recently spending most of her energy on tweaking systems based on TSR's Marvel Super Heroes system and creating video game mods in her spare time. She is a poet and novelist as well as a gamer with over a decade of time logged at the dice-rolling table. Having grown up with Anne, she is both well-versed in the writing style of the game and totally unafraid to take an axe to it where necessary.

    Jess is currently completing her degree in Creative Writing, and is lending her editorial talents to Hero's Journey to ensure that it meets everyone's standards, including all seven of her very judgmental cats'.

  • Stephen


    Stephen provides the Hero's Journey team with technical expertise, responsible for building and maintaining the website, store, and forum.

    He graduated from SCAD's Sequential Art program in 2001, but then wandered aimlessly for a few years between desk jobs and tattooing. He is currently embroiled in a Masters of Information Systems program and now works in technical support and client services with an Atlanta software company with aspirations to move into mobile development.

    Stephen's been a gamer since 1989.

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